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Conference Series LLC Ltd invites all the professors, researchers, scientific communities, doctors, therapists, pathologists, chemists, delegates, students, business professionals and executives across the world to attend the7thAmerican Forensic Research Conference during Oct 31 –Nov 1,2018 Chicago, USA.

Forensic science applies science principles, techniques, and methods to the investigation of crime. A lesser known definition of the adjective forensic is anything argumentative or debatable. At first, this definition of forensic may seem to have no connection with the more popular crime-solving definition—but it does. Legal truth is sought through the use of the adversarial system (rather than the scientific method), and decisions are made only after each side has been given an equal opportunity to argue all the issues at hand. When one of the issues being argued is a scientific analysis (using the scientific method) of an item of evidence, the debate that ensues over the science involved could be called forensic science.

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Package A includes Registration Fee + Two Nights Accommodation
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