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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 6thInternational Conference on Forensic Research & Technology Houston, Texas, USA.

Day 1 :

OMICS International Forensic Research 2017 International Conference Keynote Speaker Yoshiaki Omura photo

Yoshiaki Omura received Oncological Residency training at Cancer Institute of Columbia University & Doctor of Science Degree through research on Pharmaco-Electro-Physiology of Single Cardiac Cells in-vivo and in-vitro from Columbia Uni.. He researched EMF Resonance phenomenon between 2 identical molecules for non-invasive detection of molecules, at Graduate Experimental Physics Dept., Columbia Uni., for which he received U.S. patent. He is also the creator of Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. He published over 280 original research articles, many chapters, & 9 books. He is currently Adjunct Prof. of Family & Community Medicine, New York Medical College; President & Prof. of Int’l College of Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics, NY; Editor in Chief, Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research, Int’l Journal of Integrative Medicine, (indexed by 17 major int’l Indexing Periodicals); Formerly, he was also Adjunct Prof. or Visiting Prof. in Universities in USA, France, Italy, Ukraine, Japan, Korea, & China


Although there are many mass murders in different parts of the world, there was no simple method of detecting who would be a potential mass murderer. We found simple non-invasive quick methods of screening potential mass murderers. At Pupin Laboratory of Graduate Experimental Physics Department of Columbia University, while repeating Pupin’s electro-magnetic field resonance phenomenon between 2 identical LC Resonance circuits, the author discovered highly sensitive electro-magnetic field resonance phenomenon between 2 identical molecules with identical amount that can be detected by using Bi-Digital O-Ring Test without  using oscilloscope and the method was successfully used for imaging of outline of internal organs & non-invasive detection of many molecules including neurotransmitters, bacteria, viruses, fungi, Asbestos, Hg, Pb, Al, other toxic substances, and various cancers. For this method, US Patent was given in 1993 under the name of “Bi-Digital O-Ring Test for imaging & diagnosis of internal organs.” Using this method, from facial photograph, not only can we detect various malignancies appearing as visible deep-crease or disappearance of some eyebrow hairs or invisible abnormalities on part of the lips, but we also found by evaluation of Pupils of both eyes of well-known mass murderers that we can screen potential mass murderers by detecting the following common abnormalities: 1) Markedly reduced Acetylcholine level of less than 1ng BDORT unit (normal average range of 500~2500ng). Sufficient amount of the Acetylcholine is essential for normal brain function, but when it is below 1ng, the brain cannot function normally & can develop memory problems & trouble concentrating. 2) Markedly increased β-Amyloid (1-42) of over 6ng BDORT unit (normal value is less than 4ng). When β-Amyloid (1-42) is increased over 7.5ng BDORT units, it is range of Alzheimer’s Disease. Therefore, anything over 6ng is indication of abnormal condition of the brain. Our recent study indicated that in the presence of increased HPV-16 viral infection, incidence of malignancy increases and β-Amyloid (1-42) also increases. Its significant increase is often associated with Alzheimer’s disease. 3) Markedly reduced DHEA of less than 0.5ng BDORT unit (normally 10~135ng). Since reduction of Adrenal Cortex Hormone, DHEA (which helps to maintain balance among other hormonal systems), its reduction creates many medical problems. 4) Existence of significant bacterial, viral, fungal, or mixed infections, including significant viral infection of Human Papilloma Virus type 16 (known as HPV-16). Often, significant HPV-16 viral infection was found in various cancers & Alzheimer’s disease. 5) Co-existence of addictive drugs (heroin, marijuana, etc.). Some of the mass murderers have taken addictive drugs. 6) Some mass murderers wear dentures with strong BDORT negative (-12) artificial teeth and its supporting system & some of them develop headaches & brain tumors. Most of the mass murderers had BDORT negative response of (-10)~(-12) in both Pupils & Ear Lobules of each ear also become (-10)~(-12). If Pupils are normal, screening takes only a few minutes. Therefore, to save time, we examine ear lobules 1st by BDORT. If it is normal, the person is considered normal. Above abnormalities can be improved by safe, effective treatments using optimal dose of Vitamin D3 with or without additional compatible DHEA or Taurine. Since optimal dose of Vitamin D3 can increase Acetylcholine and DHEA levels significantly and reduce β-Amyloid (1-42) and has a significant beneficial effect of urinary excretion of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxic substances into urine, including HPV-16. The introduction of this screening system is urgently needed in today’s society. Potential mass murderers can be preventable by early detection and treatment, which can convert them to safe, productive members of society

Keynote Forum

Anthony J Fischetto

Alpha Omega Counseling Center, USA

Keynote: “Believe me i’m not lying” the issues of malingering and deception in mental health patients

Time : 11:30-12:10

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Fischetto is a Licensed Psychologist with a specialty in Forensic Psychology. He has been doing forensic evaluations for over 25 years and has conducted thousands ofevaluations. He is a Diplomate in Forensic Psychology with the American Board of Psychological Specialties. Dr. Fischetto is also an adjunct professor in psychological testing and assessments, a consulting Psychologist at the Reading Hospital, and has a full-time private practice in counseling, consulting, and forensic evaluations for criminal and civil cases


Malingering is fabricating or exaggerating the symptoms of mental or physical disorders for a variety of "secondary gain" motives, which may include fi nancial compensation (oft en tied to fraud); avoiding school, work or military service; obtaining drugs; getting lighter criminal sentences; or simply to attract attention or sympathy. Malingering is diff erent from somatization disorder and factitious disorder. Failure to detect actual cases of malingering imposes a substantial economic burden on the health care system, and false attribution of malingering imposes a substantial burden of suff ering on a signifi cant proportion of the patient population. In today’s lecture we will learn how to detect malingering.
1. Describe malingering and deception in mental health patients.
2. Diff erentiate the various forms of malingering/deception in mental health patients.
3. Explain clinical skills needed to detect malingering and deception in mental health patients.
4. Review objective tests used for detection of malingering in mental health patients

Keynote Forum

Ashraf Mozayani

Texas Southern University, USA

Keynote: Collection, analysis and interpretation in DUI and DFSC cases

Time : 12:10-12:50

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Ashraf Mozayani of Houston is the Executive Director of Forensic Sciences and a Professor at Texas Southern University. She is a diplomat of the American Board of Forensic Toxicology (ABFT), a Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS), and a Member of the Society of Forensic Toxicologists, International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse, Council of Forensic Science Educators, and International Association of Forensic Toxicologists. She is a Laboratory Inspector for the ABFT, an On-site Evaluator for the AAFS Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission, a Laboratory Auditor for the National Forensic Science Technology Center and a National Laboratory Certification Program Inspector for the National Institute on Drug Abuse. She is also a Laboratory Assessor and past Laboratory Accreditation Board Member for the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors, a Senior Forensic Advisor of crime laboratories for the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program and past President of the Southwestern Association of Toxicologists. She received a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Tehran and a Doctorate of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Toxicology from the University of Alberta.



Over the past decade, our everyday life has experienced extensive technological growth. This permeates every part of our society from communication to scientific methods. With this surge in technology, comes an increased interest in the fields that are employing the “latest and greatest” method and forensics is no exception. This presentation will include examples of how the building blocks of forensic analysis, such as specimen collection and chain-of-custody, are integrated with advancements in data analysis and interpretation. The goal is to empower and update each individual involved in driving under the influence (DUI) and drug facilitated sexual cases (DFSC) with latest technology and interpretation of the results

Keynote Forum

Julie Carriker

The University of Texas, USA

Keynote: The forensic nurse’s role in death investigation and sexual assault

Time : 12:50-13:30

OMICS International Forensic Research 2017 International Conference Keynote Speaker Julie Carriker photo

Julie Carriker has been a Registered Nurse for 23 years, working in various areas of the hospital prior to becoming a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner in 2002 and a Forensic Nurse Death Investigator in 2005. Julie is currently a Forensic Death Investigator with the Denton County Medical Examiner’s Offi ce in Denton, Texas, and serves as an independent contractor for all county law enforcement as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. Julie has privileges at Medical City Denton, Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Carrollton and Medical City Lewisville. Julie is a Diplomate with The American Board of Medicoloegal Death Investigators and is on their Board of Directors,as well as serving on various other committees within that organization. Julie is also a member of the International Association of Medical Examiners and Coroners. Julie in Argyle with her 19 year old daughter.


Forensic Nursing is an emergency specialty fi eld of practice and has become a growing profession. Nurses in this fi eld have unique and critical roles in the health care and judicial systems. Very few people realize the benefi ts that being a nurse off ers in this fi eld, which off ers a link between medicine and the law. Th is  presentation will reveal how a nursing background assists in accurate and thorough death and sexual assault investigations. Forensic photography techniques performed by the nurse which will be reviewed, to include colposcopy techniques.In addition, unusual death investigation case studies will be covered, to include homicides, hangings, overdoses, suicide by cop, accidents and natural deaths. Sexual Assault case studies will also bereviewed, which will include normal vs. abnormal variants.